"There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

Ratty and Mole, "Wind in Willows" 

In or out of 'em, it doesn't matter. Nothing seems really to matter, that's the charm of it. Whether you get away, or whether you don't; whether you arrive at your destination or whether you reach somewhere else, or whether you never get anywhere at all, you're always busy, and you never do anything in particular; and when you've done it there's always something else to do, and you can do it if you like, but you'd much better not."

Spoken by Ratty to Mole in Wind in the Willows a children's book by Kenneth Grahame (1859-1932). Note: Published more than 100 years ago, 1908.

"There are no official cruises planned for 2020.  However, some members may wish to cruise and may invite others to join.  We will post those on the bulletin board and website."