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The Club Calendar is organized and facilitated by the WBYC Social Committee - a group of WBYC members working together to promote and support social
activities to build community spirit w
ithin the Club.

Wednesday Grill Nights will take place June 7 - October 4.

The following is a list of member volunteers that oversee the various functions needed to achieve the Committee’s success. For questions concerning the following areas please contact the appropriate member.

Running a Social Event

Nancy Sawyer -

Mary Sue Englund -

Katie Propper -

Event Accounting & Reimbursement Information
Paul Lafferty -

Social Committee Credit Card

Jon Englund -

Grill Night

Dennis Sawyer -

Club Calendar

Nancy Sawyer -

Private Event Rental Requests

Don Lunn - - (508) 843-1988

*Please be advised, private rentals are only available for current WBYC Members in good standing.

The clubhouse and/or grounds are not available to the public for rentals.

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