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Minutes and financials from WBYC Board meetings will be posted here as soon as available. It is hoped that by making this information available on a timely basis club members will be better informed about decisions and considerations being looked at by the board and allow for discussion with board members if there is an issue.


Minutes starting with the January 13, 2022 meeting are posted below. Access to documents requires a password which you should have received by e-mail. If you have not received it, send an email to

Minutes before January 2022 are available upon request.


Click on the links below for minutes from the respective board meetings:


10-26-23 Minutes & Financials

9-28-2023 Minutes

8-26-2023 Annual Meeting Minutes & Financials

8-8-2023 Minutes & Financials

7-11-2023 Minutes & Financials

6-13-2023 Minutes & Financials

5-2-2023 Minutes & Financials

3-28-2023 Minutes & Financials

2-21-2023 Minutes & Financials

1-17-2023 Minutes & Financials


11-29-2022 Minutes and Financials

10-18-2022 Minutes and Financials

9-20-2022 Minutes and Financials (REVISED)

8-27-2022 Annual Meeting Minutes and Financials

7-14-2022 Minutes and Financials

5-22-2022 Minutes and Financials

4-28-2022 Minutes and Financials

3-24-2022 Minutes and Financials

2-17-2022 Minutes and Financials

1-13-2022 Minutes and Financials

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