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Adult Sailing

Waquoit Bay Yacht Club Adult Sailing Curriculum 2018  


This course is designed to introduce and reaffirm the sailing skills among WBYC's finest Adult members and friends.  Come spend a week with us, (5-6:30pm daily) refine your nautical language and comfort, take full control of rigging and steering our beautiful 21’ Freedom or our club owned 420s.   If sailing interests you, if you would love to experience moving about the bay with just the wind and our sails and have the confidence to take your family out cruising for the day; Don't miss out, Click Here to register today.  


Adult Classes (Week Long Sessions beginning July 9th 5pm-6:30pm)

Fee: $100 for the week, or $50 per day

Boats Used - Freedom 21’ (Can accommodate 4-6 Adults) and 420s



o Ability to swim and tread water

o Age 21 or over


Adults will learn :

o Safety

o Harbor Rules

o Basic sailing safety maneuvers capsize recovery, safety position, respond to a storm warning, and avoid collision

o Seamanship

o Knots 8 knot, square knot, cleat knot, and bowline

o Rig and de-rig the Freedom 21

o Understand wind direction

o Boat handling

o Steering, and trimming the mainsail and/or jib

o Docking, leaving and returning

o Sit in correct position in the boat and hold the tiller and mainsheet correctly or jib sheet

o Tacking and jibing

o Points of sail

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