August 3, 2021 


In accordance with the By-Laws, the 2021 Nominating Committee proposes the  following officers and trustees for 2021-2022: 

Commodore: Kristina Woods (term expires 2022) 

Vice Commodore: Brian Sawyer (term expires 2022) 

Rear Commodore: JR Mell (term expires 2022) 

Treasurer: Steve Johnson 

Secretary: Sarah LeBrun 

Trustee: Ken Shepherd (term expires 2023) 

Trustee: Dan O’Grady (term expires 2023) 

Trustee: Katie Karl (term expires 2022) 

Trustee: Eric Mongeon (term expires 2022) 

Article XV, Section 4: 

“There shall be no other nomination of Officers and Trustees except as follows:  

By notice signed by at least seven (7) Senior Members in good standing, another ticket of  eligible nominees may be designated, provided the notice has been delivered to the  Secretary, and posted by the Secretary or the nominating group on the bulletin board at  the Clubhouse at least ten (10) days before the Annual Meeting.  

Whenever there is more than one duly nominated ticket, the vote at the Annual Meeting  shall be taken on tickets, and not on an individual members or officer; that is, each ticket  must be voted as a group. A person may be a nominee on more than one ticket.” 

Deadline for election is 8/7/2021. 

2021 Nominating Committee: Nason Swain (Chairperson) 

Tom Campbell 

Don Karl