August 1, 2020


In accordance with the By-laws, the 2020 nominating committee proposed the following Officers and Trustees for 2020-2021


Commodore -Kristina Woods (term expires 2022)

Vice Commodore -Brian Sawyer (term expires 2022)

Rear Commodore -J.R. Mell (term expires 2022)

Treasurer - Steve Johnson

Secretary - Sarah LeBrun

Trustee-Term Expires 2021 - Ken Shepherd 

Trustee-Term Expires 2021 - Scott Thorp

Trustee-Term Expires 2022 - Katie Karl

Trustee-Term Expires 2022 - Eric Mongeon


ARTICLE XV-Section 4

“There shall be no other nomination of Officers and Trustees except as follows:

By notice signed by at least seven (7) Senior Members in good standing, another ticket of eligible nominees maybe designated, provided the notice has been delivered to the Secretary of the nominating group on the bulletin board at the Clubhouse at least ten (10) days before the Annual Meeting.

Whenever there is more than one duly nominated ticket, the vote at the Annual Meeting shall be taken on tickets, and not on an individual member or officer; that is, each ticket must be voted as a group. A person maybe a nominee on more than on ticket.”


The election of Officers and Trustees will take place at the annual meeting Saturday, August 29, 2020 beginning at 9:00 am.The meeting will be held outdoors on the lawn of the Club, using existing benches and picnic tables as seating. Members who wish to attend in person are encouraged to bring their own folding chairs to help us ensure we have enough seating to accommodate social distancing requirements. There will also be a Zoom link sent out to membership in advance of the meeting, for those who would prefer to join the meeting virtually.


2020 Nominating Committee:

John Walden (Chairperson)

Nason Swain

John Eldert