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In 1926, members of the summer colony surrounding Waquoit Bay decided to form a yacht club to promote the sport of sailing and to bring about a worthy development of the beautiful natural harbor on that bay.

Waquoit Bay Yacht Club was incorporated at a meeting held on September 4, 1926. The clubhouse that stands today was completed in the early part of 1927. The charter of Waquoit Bay Yacht Club remains the same today as it was envisioned more than 90 years ago. We are a family oriented yacht club, offering a full seasonal program for both adults and young people, and a year-round social program for adults.

The Club's purposes are three: "to encourage and promote the sport of yachting", "to provide and maintain a suitable clubhouse and anchorage", and "to assist in improving the waters of Waquoit Bay".

To these ends, the Club operates an instructional sailing program for young people to age eighteen, as well as a racing program in several classes of boats for both Junior and Senior members; owns and maintains both a clubhouse and floats; carries on a continuing program of social activities; and promotes the general welfare of Waquoit Bay and adjacent waters and shoreline.

The Club is low key and informal for the most part. Its members provide the labor and tools to keep up the clubhouse and property, and several dinners are "covered dish". Participation is anticipated of all members.

The Club does not operate a bar, nor does it offer launch service. Those looking for such services or the frills of a luxury yacht club will not find them here .

But what members will find, if they are looking for a simpler yacht club style, is a club of sharing people; sharing the joys of sailing and boating; sharing the coziness of a clubhouse ideally situated at the head of Waquoit Bay; sharing an anchorage protected in all but the most severe southerlies; sharing, even, in the work of keeping all these things together and growing.

For racing buffs, the Club is a member of SMSA, US Sail, USYRU, and NEBCBA. Every weekend throughout the season, open and adult racing are conducted in Sunfish, Knockabout, and/or any class of at least 3 boats. For junior members only, racing and instruction are held during the weekdays.


Membership in the Waquoit Bay Yacht Club is purposefully limited in order to maintain its essential modest character. However, each year a few openings arise. Per the Bylaws, two active members must sponsor a prospective member.

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